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Frequently Asked Questions

One size is currently offered. 14 oz for ALL, Kids and Teens/Adult.

Stripes, Hearts, Stars and Polka dots.

6 color combinations; (Rainbow stripes),(Red/White and Blue stripes),(Green and Purple stripes),(Pink with Red Hearts), (Blue with Yellow Stars), and (Pink with White Polka dots).

Rainbow stripes is our most popular.

Yes, Magic Spin Cup can. Many parents struggle to get their children to drink an adequate amount of water each day. Especially in the warmer months, increased water intake is essential, for hydration. Children are more likely to remember to drink their water if it’s in the cup they are playing with throughout the day. You will be surprised how often they come back asking for a refill.

Yes, it can! This smooth spinning mechanism at the base of Magic Spin Cup combined with the colorful rotating designs provide a satisfying outlet for mindless play. This sensory interaction is also beneficial in providing focus for kiddos who have difficultly sitting still and individuals who are often easily distracted.

A ton of fun is included! Plus, a 14oz Magic Spinning Cup, Lid, and Straw.

No-spill lid means if the drink is inverted upside down, it may leak however any ice and the majority of the liquid will remain in place.

Each locking straw has a slightly expanded bottom part to prevent the straw from being completely removed when the lid and straw are in place.

Yes, Magic Spin Cup is double walled insulated.

No, Magic Spin Cup in non-electric: It uses an internal spinning bearings to rotate around and around. It has weighted modules that add an increase in kinetic energy when flicked with a finger.

A user can spin the cup by holding the cup in one hand and using the other hand to flick the spinner at the bottom. The spinner has weighted modules that increase the kinetic energy to add more spin time of fun.

Diagonally striped graphics create a visual illusion that reveals biases in the processing of visual motion in the human brain. This magical illusion occurs when the spinner is rotated around the cups vertical axis (horizontally), it appears as though the diagonal stripes are moving in the direction of its vertical axis (upwards or downwards depending on the direction of spin).

No, we recommend hand washing Magic Spin Cup with mild soap and warm water as needed. Our design team is working on a rubber sleeve for those who wish to wash Magic Spin Cup in the dishwasher. The rubber sleeve is coming soon.

No, we recommend only placing Magic Spin Cup in the refrigerator.

We are planning to ship product out by December 30, 2021.

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Rainbow Stripes

Red/White/Blue Stripes

Yellow Stars on Blue

Red Hearts on Pink

Green & Purple Stripes

White Polka-dots on Pink

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The Original Spinning Cup!

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Rainbow Stripes

Red/White/Blue Stripes

Yellow Stars on Blue

Red Hearts on Pink

Green & Purple Stripes

White Polka-dots on Pink


Right now through this limited time offer, you can pre-order a Magic Spin Cup in your choice of size, style and color starting at only $24.99 plus $7.99 shipping & handling! Choose from 6 great fun options - Rainbow Stripes, Red/White/Blue Stripes, Yellow Stars On Blue, White Polka-dots On Pink, Green And Purple Stripes or Red Hearts On Pink. As a very special offer, each additional Magic Spin Cup® that you pre-order will be $4.95 off! For more details click here.

This offer is covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (less shipping, processing, handling, and fees). Sales tax will be applied where applicable. Non-continental U.S. orders please add an additional $29.99 shipping surcharge.

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